Extruder Screens

Extruder Screens

Cut Pieces, Spot Weld Packs, Aluminum Bound Frame Packs, Cylinder Packs, Cones, and Wire Cloth

Rowe Equipment Inc. manufactures a wide assortment of extruder screens to address virtually the entire spectrum of polymer and fiber processing operations, including the recycling, film, converter, cast film, and food industries. Rowe Equipment offers Extruder Screens for use in plastic and rubber processing machinery to ensure a clean and viable extrusion. These Screens are available as cut pieces, spot weld packs, cylinders, and cones as well as custom fabrications for specialized/custom applications. Available in various materials, weaves all with a wide spectrum of micron ratings, from 3 microns to 800 microns, to suit any application. 

Rowe Equipment manufactures a complete line of replacement extruder screens for standard applications all built to the same exacting standards as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), and we also manufacture custom designed extruder screens to meet your particular, specialized operational requirements.

In order to meet your production schedules and minimize your downtime, same day shipping of Extruder Screens is generally available from Rowe Equipment Hockley, TX facility. The experienced parts representatives of the Rowe Equipment Team are dedicated to your successful, efficient operation and are here to assist you in meeting your specific needs.

Single Mesh Extruder Screens

offer a variety of wire mesh including Dutch Weave material made of High quality Carbon Steel or 304 Stainless Steel.

Spot Weld Packs

We have the ability to create any mesh pack and weld them in sequence to create strength and consistency in your filtration process.

Blown Film Cylinders

Precision Manufactured Cylinders to fit any blown film line. We can help you in creating a gel buster that can resolve any blown film issues.

RDW Reverse Dutch Weave

48×10 RDW, 72×15 RDW, 132×14 RDW, 152×30 RDW, 260×40 RDW available.

Cut Pieces Screen

Extruder Screens in Cut Pieces are available from Rowe Equipment in virtually any size, shape, or mesh is possible. Rowe Equipment performs automated, accurate cut lines which get the job done quickly and efficiently. (Diazepam Online) Numerous types of mesh combinations can be combined in order to achieve maximum performance by matching your particular process. Rowe Equipment custom makes our Cut Pieces to your order and most are generally available for same day shipping.

Spot Weld Extruder Screens and Aluminum Bound Frame Packs

Rowe Equipment manufactures Spot Welded Extruder Screens and Aluminum Bound Frame Packs by combining multiple screens together in one unit and resistance welding, or spot welding them together at precise points that don’t disturb the polymer flow. The number and location of spot welds can be customized for your process. These extruder screen packs are developed for ease of operation, better inventory control, and process control assurance. Screen packs help ensure your plant uses the same pack each and every time. Rowe Equipment can provide a numerous types of mesh combinations in order to match your particular process and assure maximum performance. We custom make these to your order and same day delivery is often available.

Cylinder Screen Packs

Rowe Equipment Inc. offers Extruder Screens in all types of cylinder screen pack elements in single or multiple layered, for the extrusion process. We can supply various mesh types to match your process. We manufacture for the plastic Film industry. Keifel, Hosokawa- Alpine, JSW, Windmoeller, and Gloucester. Rowe Equipment can help you get the pressure you need to run efficiently, filter out the gels and other impurities.

Wire Mesh and Wire Cloth

Rowe Equipment Inc. offers Woven Wire Mesh in stainless steel or plain steel ( carbon steel ) which is used throughout the plastic, rubber, pharmaceuticals, and food industries. We carry from 2 mesh to 500 mesh rolls of wire mesh. Rowe Equipment has the ability to slit rolls to exact size widths and lengths. We have a 36″ calendar machine to get the exact thickness you need in your plant. See our PDF of Wire Mesh Specs below.

The experienced parts representatives at Rowe Equipment can quickly and efficiently address the needs of your specific Extrusion Process and supply you with the correct Cut Pieces, Spot Weld Packs, Aluminum Bound Frame Packs, Cylinder Screen Packs, Cones, and/or Wire Cloth to suit your particular needs and ensure your successful process operations. Let the Rowe Equipment Team assist you and help you to determine the most reliable, agency-approved Extruder Screens to accurately to meet your specific plastics process applications.

Rowe Wire Mesh Specs

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