Connector Sleeves

Connector Sleeves

Connector Sleeves, Flexible Socks, & Flexible Hoses

Rowe Equipment Inc. supplies a wide variety of Connector Sleeves, Flexible Socks, Flexible Hoses, and Accessories for use with Shakers in many industrial applications. Rowe Equipment offers Shaker Covers, Polyurethane Tubing, Pure Gum Rubber Tubing, Flexible Socks, Connector Sleeves, Corrugated Boots and Screening Balls. Rowe Equipment also offers other Shaker Accessories such as screens, clamp ring assemblies, motors, springs, bolts nuts and other parts.

Locate your material and vacuum line leaks and eliminate them with the use of the proper Rowe Equipment Connector Sleeves, Flexible Socks and Accessories. Vacuum leaks can result in the sucking of air instead of material, which will reduce your material’s handling process system performance. 
In the case of a line leak in the material’s handling process, you may see product on the floor. These leaks will most often occur in the Connector Sleeves, Flexible Socks, or Flexible Hoses and around couplings, seals, and valves of the materials handling process. Purchase from Rowe Equipment to avoid errors such as these commonly found in competitor products.

We have spare parts for Shakers. This includes screens, clamp ring assemblies, motors, springs, bolts, nuts, and other parts.

Rowe Equipment Inc. Connector Sleeves, Flexible Socks, Flexible Hoses

Let the experienced Parts Representatives at Rowe Equipment quickly and efficiently address the needs of your specific materials handling process operations and supply you with the proper Connector Sleeves, Flexible Socks, and Flexible Hoses designed to perform reliably and efficiently for your trouble-free applications.

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