About Rowe Equipment, Inc

Rowe equipment/Inc is the leading provider and manufacturer of MR0 items to the Plastic Industry and Industrial facilities. We service Plastic Recycling, Blown Film, Cast Film, Compounding industries. We have the expertise to handle any emergency or situation you may bring to us. We solve problems.

Rowe Equipment Inc. supplies Connector Sleeves, Bag House Filters, Pneumatic Loader Filters, Bag House Cages, Gum Rubber Tubing, Polyurethane Tubing, Flexible Sleeves, Corrugated Boots,Pressure Transducers, Thermocouples, Cartridge Filters, Cartridge Heaters, Extruder Screens, Spot Weld Packs, and Wire Mesh. At Rowe Equipment Inc. Products, we take pride in furnishing the plastics processing industry high quality equipment at competitive prices.
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