Recycling Blades and Shredders

Recycling Blades and Shredders

Recycling Blades and Shredders

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OEM’s: NGR™ Republic™ Retech™
Vecoplan™ Weima™

Many others are also available.

Rowe Equipment has the best plastic shredder blades made to OEM specs for brands such as: Ball & Jewell, Cumberland, Erema, Nelmore, NGR, Rapid, Republic, Retech, Vecoplan™, Weima and Zerma. Our shredder blades offer the best quality and productivity outputs for our customers and give them the best return on their money.

Rowe Equipment’s Shredder blades are made of sturdy materials using M-2 or D-2 steel. The shredder blades supplied by Rowe Equipment have a long lifespan. During these periods our shredder blades offer unparalleled results. Cutting-edge innovation makes the shredder blades energy-efficient and have an incredible trait that reduces electricity consumption. These shredder blades have well thought-out safety features that help ensure danger-free operation and minimal risk of work-related injuries.

Plastic shredder machines break down packaging, pipe and other plastic items into fragments, without them turning waste into fresh plastic sheets would be virtually impossible. If you need plastic shredder blades, Rowe Equipment stocks every shredder blade style for plastic at affordable prices.

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