Liquid Filter Bags

Liquid Filter Bags

Liquid Filter Bags

Replacements for: American Felt, Cuno, Filter Specialists (FSI), GAF, Plenty, Ronnigen-Petter, Rosedale, and Strain Rite.

Rowe Equipment is a premier manufacturer of filtration and strainer bags for special applications. Our focus is serving customers in the Plastic Extrusion as well as Industrial Straining Applications.

Our production process allows us to work with customers that require as few as 50 to several hundred bags annually. In addition to filtration fabrics and media for industrial applications, we also offer a full line of materials that meet FDA guidelines.

Our design and manufacturing expertise ensures that we deliver a solution that meets your specific needs.

There are dozens of filtration options available. Multi Filament, Mono Filaments and Stainless Steel Wire Mesh are just some options to choose from, and you can change at any time. When you partner with Rowe Equipment, we meet all your filtration requirements. We offer a wide selection of filter materials each with an extensive range of micron ratings to filter virtually any fluid. 

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