Heaters And Thermocouples

Heaters And Thermocouples


Rowe Equipment, Inc. supplies Electrical Heaters and Thermocouples for numerous industrial process applications, and specializes in Heaters and Thermocouples for use in the plastics processing industry. Through an extensive amount of experience, Rowe Equipment has accumulated a vast wealth of thermal expertise covering the entire spectrum of the plastics processing industry. The Rowe Equipment Electrical Heaters and Thermocouples product line features units that are suitable for operating in the most severe of conditions found in the plastics processing industry.

At Rowe Equipment, Inc. we believe in working in partnership with our customers, matching our expertise and depth of knowledge with your needs. Our moisture proof strip heaters we developed specifically for the rail industry are a perfect example of the types of challenges we look forward to. We ensure the highest quality heaters and stand behind our products with a superior level of before and after sales service.

Heaters – Mica Band, High Performance, Ceramic Band, Mica Strip, Channel Strip, Cable Coil, Cartridge
From packaging to injection molding, hot runner systems, extrusion, blown film, thermoforming and blow molding, Rowe Equipment can supply the correct Electrical Heaters and Thermocouples to meet your specific process needs. Rowe Equipment offers Mica Band Heaters, Mica Strip Heaters, Ceramic Band Heaters, Channel Strip Heaters, Cartridge Heaters, Cable Coil Heaters, and High Performance Heaters as well as Thermocouples..

Band Heaters – Mica Band, Ceramic Band
Band Heaters are efficient solutions for a broad range of heating applications required throughout the spectrum of industrial processes. There are various sheath materials, termination styles, clamping mechanisms as well as other numerous options for cutouts and holes that make band heaters highly customizable.

Mica Band Heaters
A mica core produces a thin, efficient heater. Heat from the precisely wound element is quickly transferred to the working surface for expedited heat up. Mica provides optimum dielectric strength and heat transfer capabilities for an extended heater life. The mica core is encased in a corrosion resistant sheath. All full mica band heaters are designed with closed ends to protect against contamination. Maximum sheath temperature is 800°F.

Ceramic Band Heaters
Typical applications are plastic molding, extrusion and molding presses. Ceramic band heaters are also used for pipe heating, heat treating and autoclaves or any application where there is a need to apply heat to a cylindrical surface.

Strip Heaters – Mica Strip, Channel Strip
For tank, platens, and other surface heating applications, freeze and moisture protection in control cabinets and infinite other industrial and commercial applications, Rowe Equipment strip heaters offer outstanding performance in the most demanding situations.

Mica Strip

Mica Strip
Versatile, efficient and economical, the Mica Strip Heater is of the same construction as the Mica Band Heater in flat design. Because of the range of dimensions and configuration possible, these units furnish even heat distribution for use in hot plates, sealing equipment, hot stamping, dies and molds and hundreds of other surface heating applications

Channel Strip Heater

Channel Strip Heater 
Channel Strip Heaters offered by Rowe Equipment, Inc. are efficient and dependable.  The stainless-steel sheath provides strength and high temperature performance in a rugged, seamless contamination resistant design.  Designed to provide heat in restricted spaces and on flat surfaces.

Cable Coil Heaters

Cable Coil Heaters
Cable Coil Heaters offered by Rowe Equipment are high temperature, corrosion and oxidation resistant, heaters that can be manufactured in small diameters and formed into geometries and/or readily bent to a multitude of configurations that optimize the thermal profile of a heated part. The Rowe Equipment Cable Coil Heaters deliver high watt densities to concentrated areas such as plastics injection molding nozzles, small heat transfer pipes, hot knives, and concentrated chambers. These Cable Coil heaters can be tightly wound or the coil can be distributed to provide a uniform heat pattern over a wide area. Whether you require a standard size for your plastic machinery or a customer configuration for wafer processing, Rowe equipment engineering can specify the design you require.

Pencil Heaters

Cartridge Heaters, Pencil Heaters, Rod Heaters
Rowe Equipment, Inc. offers top of the line, high density Cartridge Heaters for the plastics processing industry. The Rowe Equipment Cartridge Heaters has an extraordinarily compact design in order to produce optimum heat transfer, and it has the dielectric and physical strength required to ensure a long heater life and exceptional performance. The Rowe Equipment Cartridge Heaters are all designed for high temperature and excessive vibration applications.


Rowe Equipment, Inc. offers top of the line Thermocouples for the plastics processing industry. Rowe Equipment Thermocouples are made of two dissimilar metals joined together, in which this joint establishes a positive temperature coefficient with a millivolt output signal that thereby interpreted by a temperature control, or a high limit device. Rowe Equipment Thermocouples follow the standard, applicable ISA calibration with types “J” and “K” being the most common calibration ratings for Industrial Process Heating.

Heater and Thermocouple Leads
Rowe Equipment, Inc. Heaters and Thermocouples are all available with all of the various lead types and configurations which are most commonly found throughout the industrial processing industries. Metal braid leads offer some of the most practical solutions in nominal abrasive environments while “flexible armor cable” is the optimum solution for leads subjected to excessive abrasive applications. Rowe Equipment supplies Heaters and Thermocouples with standard, single conductor metal braid, double conductor metal braid, and the severe duty flexible armor cable leads.

Rowe Equipment Inc. – Heaters and Thermocouples

The experienced parts representatives at Rowe Equipment, Inc. can quickly and efficiently address the needs of your specific applications and supply you with the correct Heaters and Thermocouples to suit your particular needs and ensure your successful process operations. Let the Rowe Equipment, Inc. Team assist you and help you to determine the most reliable, agency-approved Electrical Heaters and Thermocouples to accurately to meet your specific plastics process applications.

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