Granulator Blades And Screens

Granulator Blades And Screens

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Granulator Blades, Granulator Knives & Granulator Screens

Rowe Equipment Inc. provides a complete line of Granulator Blades, Granulator Knives, and Granulator Screens for the plastics processing industry. Rowe Equipment offers these Granulator Blades, Knives and Screens for virtually all of the major machine makes and models including Cumberland, Conair, Nelmor, Ball & Jewell, Foremost, Granutec, Mitts & Merrill, Rapid, and Taylor-Stiles, as well as many others.

All of the Granulator Blades, Granulator Knives, and Granulator Screens offered by Rowe Equipment are manufactured using only premium grade tool steels in order to ensure the blades edge remains sharp longer when granulating even the toughest of all materials. These Rowe Equipment Granulator Blades, Knives, and Screens are designed and manufactured with an extremely high commitment to quality utilizing the same exacting standards and precise specifications as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). They are all constructed to perform reliably and efficiently for trouble-free service in your successful process operation.

When using the sharper Rowe Equipment Granulator Blades/Knives in your plastics granulating process, the more efficiently that process will cut the scrap, especially with the softer, energy-absorbing materials such as thermoplastic rubber or polyolefin films. These sharper Granulator Blades/Knives will produce a cleaner cut without all of the pulling and tearing, therefore yielding higher throughputs, less dust and fines, less noise, and greater energy efficiency throughout the entire process. Each of the various plastics manufacturing processes – blow molding, injection molding, extrusion, recycling, will impose their own specific demands on the granulator itself.

Rowe Equipment Inc. – Granulator Blades, Granulator Knives and Granulator Screens

The experienced parts representatives at Rowe Equipment can quickly and efficiently address the needs of your specific granulating process applications and supply you with the correct Granulator Blades, Granulator Knives, and Granulator Screens to suit your particular needs. 

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