Non-Magnetic, Non-Sparking

Rowe Equipment Inc. offers a full line of economical Brass Scrapers which are used in various industrial applications are often the tool of choice when removing stuck plastic parts from their molds in modern plastic processing operations. These Rowe Equipment Brass Scrapers are non-scratching, non-sparking, and non-magnetic. They are made in the U.S.A. and are constructed with tough nylon handles and brass grommets with solid .057″ spring tempered brass blades. Rowe Equipment Brass Scrapers improve efficiency with ease-of-use features and are suitable for use in most industrial applications. Rowe Equipment Brass Scrapers are available for immediate shipment to meet anti-static and cleaning needs.

Rowe Equipment – Brass Scrapers Non-Magnetic, Non-Sparking

Let the experienced parts representatives at Rowe Equipment quickly and efficiently address the needs of your specific operation and supply you with the Brass Scrapers best suited to perform efficiently for your process operation. The Rowe Equipment Team will assist you in making your processing operation a reliable and efficient operation.

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